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Vertical Groups

Vertical Grouping activities focus on Skills for Learning, Skills for Life and Skills for Work. Pupils attend these activities in mixed stage groupings rather than class groupings. Primary 1 and 2 pupils 30m - 1 h per fortnight, other stages 1h per fortnight.

Skills for Learning;

Literacy, Communication, Numeracy and ICT are addressed largely through discrete learning. For the vertical grouping activity, there will be a focus on thinking skills.

Skills for Life;

Pupils are involved in personal learning planning at every stage, working with others through cooperative learning and working on physical coordination and movement through PEPAS. The focus for the vertical grouping activity will be Leadership.

Skills for Work;

Citizenship is addressed through Health and Wellbeing, the house system activities, class points, merit points, pupil eco council, assemblies and other bundles so the focus for Skills for work is on Employability, Enterprise and Vocational Skills.