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Our Staff

Name Role
Susan Dyer Headteacher
Sarah Ritchie Depute Headteacher (Primary 3 Probationer Support, Nursery)
Pamela Webster Principal teacher  (NCCT and ASN)
Fiona Taylor Primary 1 Teacher
Iona Donnelly Primary 2-1 Teacher
Aimee Thomson Primary 2 Teacher
Jill Kidd Primary 3 Teacher (Probationer Teacher)
Naomi Kee Primary 4
Susan Mac Leod Primary 5 Teacher
Carol Lerpiniere Primary 6 Teacher
Victoria Paddon Primary 7 Teacher
Lisa Malloy-Gibson Primary 7 Teacher
Nicola Duncanson Nurture Teacher (Rainbow Room)
Miss Caldwell Music Teacher
Mr Scott PE Teacher
Sheena Togher Senior Early Years Officer
Caroline Doctor Early Years Officer
Louise Noble Early Years Officer ( Job Share)
Grace Wright Early Years Officer (Job Share)
Lisa Miller Early Years Officer (Peripatetic)
Eleanor Kirk Additional Support Needs Assistant
Alison Gibson Additional Support Needs Assistant
Lynn O'Brien Additional Support Needs Assistant
Vladi Evans Social, Emotional and Behavioural Support Assistant
Mr Stringer Janitor
Mrs Curle Clerical Assistant
Mrs Crosbie Cook
Mrs Rennie Catering Assistant
Mrs Meighan Catering Assistant
Mrs McGrandles Chargehand Cleaner
Mrs McLean Cleaner
Ms McLean Cleaner