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Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to our new website!

Bankier Primary School serves four villages, Banknock, Coney Park, Haggs and Longcroft, within a semi-rural setting. These villages are approximately 6 miles from Falkirk and Kilsyth  – the two nearest towns. We have around 260 pupils, including the nursery children. There are 9 classes and a nursery. Lots of people work in our school including teachers, specialist teachers, Support for Learning Assistants, cleaners, dinner ladies, a secretary and a janitor.

A little bit of History!

Bankier School is built on the site of the old Bankier House which had been in ruins since November 1962.

The new Bankier School was officially opened on 20th April,1965. Mr J R Mackay was appointed first head teacher of the school. He had come to the district in January 1956 to be the head teacher at Longcroft Junior Secondary School. In June 1959, the secondary part of the school was closed and the pupils transferred to the new Denny High School. Mr Mackay remained the head teacher of Longcroft Primary School until the new Bankier School was opened.He retired in January 1971,when Mr Ian R Hunter took his place. Mr Hunter left Bankier in October 1978. That same year, Mrs Helen Hall became head teacher of Bankier School. Mrs Armstrong took over reigns in 1982 before passing them onto Miss Duncan in 1992. Mrs Dyer, current Head Teacher, took up her post in 1998.